Survival server shops guide
This page will be updated with more information shortly!

Creating a shop
Players can create shops by placing a sign on a barrel or chest, and adding the following lines to the sign
  • [shop] - Tells the server this is a shop sign
  • {amount} - how many of the item you want to buy/sell
  • {cost} - how much the transaction should cost
  • {type} - What type of shop this is (buy/sell/combo)
Then you can left click the sign with the item you want to buy/sell, and the shop is created.
Right click the sign to change how the shop displays!

Example Signs
Sell items to other players

Buy items from other players

Combine a buying and selling shop into one
This example sells or buys 4 of the item. When players click the left side of the sign, it buys 4 of the item for 2 MistralTokens. When players click the right side of the sign, it sells 4 of the item for 3 MistralTokens.

If you need any help with these, ask a mod/admin, or ask in chat!