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Server Warning

I recommend you add a server warning saying that in like 10 minutes the taxes of having a town or nation will be taken, because I was in the middle of enlarging my town and I ended up using all of the money in my town bank, so as I go to put more in, my taxes are taken but since I didn't have any money it could take it just instantly deleted my town, meaning I lost all the money I put into the town, all my beds (so the iron farm I had been working on for the last couple days that I had just finished and that's why I was enlarging my town, broke due to the villagers no having beds) and all my redstone. I then had the groups of mobs spawn all over my base throughout my base. Now yes this is my fault for not double checking the time and using up all the money in my bank. All I request is that you add a message that will warn all players of the taxes. Please implement this so no-one else has to go through what I've just gone through.
Anyway, only a good note for any new players or old players that just want free stuff, my base is now without a town and I will not be bothering to change that. Please don't try messaging me trying to help me fix my town because I will not be coming back to this website due to me not continuing to go on the server.

Sorry for the giant sob story and ramble on, just please add a warning. Goodbye

P.S My base is around 2843/63/1296.
We are all very sorry about this, this is our oversight and we are making sure that it can't happen again.
We are working on restoring your base and town to normal.
I hope that you choose to come back on the server in the near future :)
3 months ago
We'll try to restore your town and in the meantime we've moved some of your important/expensive gear into a Temp Village of the Moon at 2904 ~ 1207, If you come back just let us know and it's all yours :)
3 months ago