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BETA server trusted access

This suggestion is under the assumption that we actually have a functioning server that isn't powered by hamsters. :D

A server running the absolute latest version (1.18) without plugins until it can actually be fully updated with plugins and everything.
(Map would not be forwarded to the fully plugin release for fairness to other players in terms of mining resources)

This would be a whitelist server for trusted players, the requirements for trusted players would need to register with the mistral website, be apart of the Discord for say a month.
Not only would this help grow community numbers but also improve communication between players and staff should any issues arise.

To help further balance player numbers, staff events will only be held on the plugin servers.
The rules on the BETA server maybe similar but players would be aware of the fact that if grief does happen then they will lose their stuff lost but the griefing player loses their trusted access.
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