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Something to be weary of...

While exploring other servers while mistral was down one of them seems to exploit a mechanism of fake/false votes. (Online minecraft popularity votes)

Basically you would have to vote for the server to be your favourite server in order to gain in game items/claim blocks.
This artificially inflates the server votes/popularity across multiple voting websites.

This created a poor server experience as my place was griefed multiple times because I did not have the claim blocks to claim it all regardless of informing staff.
The server's claim block gain mechanic did not scale up to the progression of the player which resulted in this shortcoming.

Yes the game does have in game currency and no it could not be used to gain more claim blocks.

I feel this is a bad way to run a server because it promotes new players to join and vote but causes them to leave/be short term players when the claim blocks do not meet the players needs.

It is mentioned in the rules about griefing in and out of claims but the staff's response has always been "Claim your stuff" which indirectly means earn more play time or vote.
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