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The community update part 1 is here

Posted by Naird | 08/04/2022

This announcement is a little late, sorry about that, we've been so busy working on the update, we forgot to actually announce it's release!

After months of work, we've finally released the latest Mistral Network update for you to play on. A lot has changed since the previous version of Mistral Network (you can read the changelog here) and we're excited to see what you create with the new Minecraft 1.18.2 blocks & Items, as well as the Terralith World generation.

Although it's been released, there's still a lot of work that needs to go into ironing out all the bugs that have been found since the launch (mostly permission based), so if you spot anything that doesn't work right, or you think you should be able to do but can't, make sure you let us know over on the Discord server.

We've also fully released the Mistral Guides website, which has a lot of useful information about the plugins Mistral Network uses, if you're stuck with how a plugin works, it's best to check the guides before asking us for help.

Once everything is working as intended, we'll begin working on The Community Update Part 2, which is the fun half of the update, stay tuned for announcements about it!

A quick update

Posted by Naird | 23/03/2022

It's about time for another quick update regarding the progress of The Community Update Part 1!

Since we posted the previous update, we've been mostly working on ironing out the bigger bugs that have cropped up during the development process, as well as gathering and configuring everything we need. We've also spent some time working on our organisation (I'm still getting used to not being the only one working on this stuff..) which we've got set up now.

The main "bulk" of the work is now done, we're mostly working on the finishing touches, such as the smaller adjustments to configs, adding back the custom recipes etc, as well as working on the overhaul of permissions to make sure everything works as it should (hopefully!)

Once the update is released, we'll be spending some time patching any issues that arise (most will be permission related, so if something doesn't work right day one, make sure to let us know!)

While we still can't give you a guaranteed date as we don't want to let you down should we run over, we do have an internal date which we're working as hard as we can to stick to. Once we're happy with the state of the update, we'll announce the release date, and add a countdown timer to the website!

In the meantime, you can now read the Mistral Guides, which will help you learn how to use some of the new (and some existing) features of The Community Update!

Thank you again for sticking with us while we've been (slowly) working on bringing you The Community Update Part 1!

p.s: Special thanks to Eman7blue for creating a timeline of all our different releases and sub-servers since all the way back in 2019! If you want to check it out, click here.

Some changes to The Community Update

Posted by Naird | 14/02/2022

I know it's been a little while since we've given you an update on the development progress for Mistral Network, so we thought now would be a good time!

As you may know, I've been rather busy with work recently, which has drastically reduced the amount of time I've been able to work on the update. Because of this, the Community Update has been delayed. I can only apologise for this, as I know you've all been waiting eagerly for the update.

Which is why, following Mojang style, we've decided to split the update into segments. The initial update (Mistral 4.0) will be a sort of "core" version of the network. This update won't have a lot of the features you've requested, nor the features we've been wanting to bring to Mistral for a while, but it will allow you to play Mistral in 1.18, and will mostly feel like an updated version of the previous network.

Following this (with no set release schedule), we'll be working on updating the network to add more features as and when they are ready. This will bring Mistral Network to the level we've been aiming for since the beginning. We've also adjusted our strategy for development to accommodate this.

I'm excited to announce some changes to the staff team: SoftmintSheep and Ooppen have joined the Development Team! This means there's more than just me working on Mistral now, which will allow us to bring you updates, fixes and patches quicker and easier than ever!

We have, however, released the old temp server's world so you can explore it in single player, which you can find on the Downloads page now!

I thank you for your patience while we've been working on updates, and look forward to bringing you the Community Update (part 1) soon™!