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Network Update Network
Naird Naird3 days ago
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Hello there everyone,

we've run our first updates on the Survival server since we relaunched earlier this week!

If you build in the wilderness, it will no longer decay and reset back. This is something that has frustrated some of you, so we've disabled world regeneration. This does however mean that explosions in the wilderness will no longer repair themselves.

You asked for it, and we listened, there are now more ways to make MistralTokens on the Survival server, in the form of Jobs!

You can find out how they work, and how to join a job on our new and improved <a... />

Relaunch Announcement
Network Update Network
Naird Naird5 days ago
48 1

Welcome to Mistral Network!
We've relaunched the Minecraft Network with two new servers!

• Towny based server
• McMMO skills & perks
• 6000x6000 world (will be expanded in 1.17 for new worldgen)
• Player spreading - No set spawn point (but you can /tpa to friends)
• Shop plugin - We've gone back to the plugin we used before, so placing a sign on a chest or a barrel will create a shop!


Becoming Mistral Network
Network Update Official
Naird Naird15 days ago
42 1

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to make a quick update to let you know we're currently undergoing a rebrand!

Over the next week, we'll be updating our servers and websites to reflect our new name: Mistral Network.

You can read the full details, as well as a few FAQs regarding the rebrand here.

Our next update should be right before, if not on, the day of our relaunch!
We've still got a lot of work to do before we can relaunch, but we're ready and rearing to go!

Relaunch Plan Adjustments
Network Update Website Network
Naird Naird29 days ago
208 1

Hey Yognau(gh)ts,

This is a quick update to let you know of some adjustments we're making to our relaunch strategy which I mentioned in the previous update.

So, what's changed?

  • The Temporary server will no longer be carried over to the relaunched network. A new survival server will take it's place, due to technical issues we've been running into recently with the temporary server.
  • The new Survival server will have a different claim system, as per the technical issues mentioned above.
  • The Temporary server's world will be released as a download shortly after the network relaunches (there's some minor adjustments required to make it runable in single player)
  • The Lobby ...
The wait is (nearly) over!
Network Update Temp Survival Network
Naird Nairdabout 1 month ago
127 2

Hello everyone,
I've got a very exciting announcement for you today, we finally have a relaunch date for the Yogscast Community Network!

Watch the reveal trailer here:

Yes, the Yogscast Community Network will be returning on the 11th May 2021! This also happens to be the same date as our Second Anniversary, so it's reason for double celebration!
We've adjusted our plan for the relaunch slightly after some discussion about the 1.17 update to Minecraft, as we felt a world reset so soon after the relaunch wasn't the right move to make. In ...