Mistral is turning 3! Celebrate our anniversary with us!

Our History

A timeline of all Mistral Network updates, since we were founded in 2019.

  • Launch of the Yognau(gh)t Community Network
    11th May 2019

    Where it all began, with lots and lots of Survival servers!

  • The end of the Yognau(gh)t Community Network
    7th June 2020

    We decided to take a short break until Minecraft 1.14 was released, thinking it would be a lot further away than it was...

  • Launch of RavsCraft
    4th July 2020

    With Minecraft 1.14 now available, we released the RavsCraft server ahead of the full YCN relaunch.

  • Yogscast Community Network Full Release
    4th August 2020

    Just a month after RavsCraft launched, we finished rebuilding the full network, and relaunched the YCN under a slightly new name!

  • Z0eff steps back
    24th October 2020

    Z0eff stepped back from development, and handed the reins of the YCN fully over to Naird, which meant Naird took over hosting the servers Z0eff had hosted up until this point. Because of this, as Naird didn't have the capacity to host all the Survival servers, we discontinued the Red, Orange and Blue servers, leaving RavsCraft, Blue and Purple running.

  • Naird's mistake
    23rd December 2020

    Now hosting almost all the servers on the YCN, Naird actually forgot to port over RavsCraft from Z0eff's hosting to his, which meant when Z0eff's server rental expired, RavsCraft was lost.

  • The relaunch of RavsCraft
    8th February 2021

    RavsCraft 2.0 was launched, now hosted by Naird!

  • The Fire.
    10th March 2021

    OVHCloud, where Naird hosted the network from, had a devestating building fire, which destroyed over 100,000 servers (and took 2% of .fr domains offline). This happened very shortly after Naird lost all his files on his PC, so no backups of the YCN were available.

  • The Yogscast Community Server
    15th March 2021

    Once we'd acquired a new system, we worked tirelessly to rebuild a server for everyone to play on, thus, The Yogscast Community Server (Temp Survival) was born, with the new tagline "Rise from the Ashes"

  • Introducing Mistral Network
    11th May 2021

    After discussions between Naird and members of The Yogscast, it was mutually agreed that we'd rebrand to remove any affiliation between us and The Yogscast to avoid confusion. This co-incided with the relaunch of the Network on our Second Anniversary, so we moved away from our previous name and domain, officially becoming Mistral Network.

  • Fully moving away from The Yogscast
    26th October 2021

    We had already transitioned most of our systems and branding from YCN to Mistral, but there was still one part we were still yet to move, our Discord Community. We officially launched the Mistral Network Discord, and stopped posting any updates to The Yogscord.

  • Updating to 1.17
    26th October 2021

    At the same time, we updated Mistral to support the latest Minecraft update, 1.17.1, which in true Mistral fashion, took us longer than it should have..

  • Temp Survival Download
    24th February 2022

    With the Temp server being closed for almost a year, we finally managed to release the world download so you can explore the world in Singleplayer.

  • The Community Update (Part 1)
    4th April 2022

    The most anticipated update to Mistral Network yet, we finally released the latest update to Mistral Network, which we listened to what the Community wanted, and added as much as we could. As it was taking us longer than we'd hoped to finish the update, we decided to split this into two parts, with the first being the core/base of the update, and Part 2 being released later with more of the fancier features.

  • The Community Update (Part 2)

    The second half of The Community Update, with the features we've been wanting to add to the network, but hadn't managed to yet, as well as many of your suggestions. We're currently working on this update, and can't wait to share it with you!

  • The Adventure Update
    In the future

    Although we haven't planned this update fully yet, we know the basic idea for this one. We'll be focusing on exploration and challenge. We're hoping this update will co-incide around the 1.19 update, so we can incorporate the new Deep Dark update as well as a few other ideas we've loosly brainstormed. At this point, we're still focussing on The Community Update Part 2 though.