Mistral is turning 3! Celebrate our anniversary with us!


The latest Mistral Network patch notes!

The Recipe Update

4.0.3 | 21/04/22

Lots of new recipes for both crafting and stonecutter! We've also adjusted a lot in terms of configs and permissions, and added in some new systems.


  • Hopper Filters
    • Sneak right click a hopper to open the filter GUI
    • Add or remove items to the filter, then click enable
    • You can also set the filter to blacklist, blocking the items in the filter, but allowing everything else!
  • Clans (but official)
    • You can create and manage clans
    • These are mostly cosmetic, and do not affect Residence claims.
    • Clans can set a Clan Home for all members to be able to teleport to
  • Recipes that used cobblestone can now use deepslate instead
  • All players now have an additional home (see Removed for why)
  • Red sand and Mycelium recipes


  • Residence TP - replaced with additional home

Other changes

  • Claims no longer block teleportation
  • We added, then disabled a faction tag system, as it was almost instantly abused.
  • The Hopper Filter guide page will be updated shortly.

Critical backup issue

4.0.2 | 21/04/22

We found a critical issue with our backup system, which caused the server to fail to boot.


  • Adjusted backups to limit how much space they use.
  • We'll be releasing 4.0.3 shortly to fix some more issues!

Patching issues

4.0.1 | 14/04/22

Since we released The Community Update Part 1, we've patched a lot of issues that we missed prior to launch.
This is a summary of those patches! (we may have missed a couple things, we've done a lot!)
There's still some work to do, but we'll be starting development of Part 2 soon!


  • Adjusted permissions to fix missing nodes (If you find any more, let us know!)
  • AngelChests now last 15 minutes (was 5)
  • Removed some Residence flags that were game-breaking
  • Residence border particle count increased, and fadeaway increased to 15 seconds (was 5)
  • Added 3 new Info messages into the schedule
  • Added stairs, slabs and fences for all wood types in a Stonecutter
  • Adjusted Staff team roles to better reflect our team.

The Community Update Part 1

4.0.0 | 02/04/22

The largest update since we rebuilt the network after the fire, The Community Update Part 1 is here!
We've completely rebuilt the Survival server for 1.18.2!
Due to time restrictions, this isn't the full community update, this is only the first half (stay tuned for Part 2!)


  • AngelChest
  • CMI
  • CustomCrafting
  • DoorsReloaded
  • HeadDatabase
  • LuckPerms
  • Residence
  • Shop
  • ShowItem
  • TAB
  • UltraCustomizer
  • UltraEconomy
  • UltraRegions
  • Vault
  • VentureChat
  • WorldEdit
  • Multiple security and utility plugins

Other changes

  • Permissions overhauled
  • Terralith world generation datapack
  • Released Guides website
  • Note: Dynmap & Stats will be coming in a later update