Mistral is turning 3! Celebrate our anniversary with us!

Mistral Network is 3!

Celebrate our third anniversary with us.

It's been three years since we launched The Yognau(gh)t Community Network back in 2019, and it's certainly been a wild ride!

From over 5000 unique players, to hosting a Jingle Jam event, to the fire, to relaunching as Mistral Network, we've achieved a lot in that time.

So let's take a look back at all we've achieved, and a look forward to what we've got planned.

A very spiffing christmas Jingle Jam 2020 Stream

We hosted the Jingle Jam 2020 Community server, where multiple members of The Yogscast played with the community to rebuild the Jaffa Factory in Hardcore Vanilla Minecraft.

The launch of The Yogscast Community Network

Our relaunch was livestreamed on the Yogscast Twitch channel by Duncan, Ben and Pedguin!

Unfortunately, the video was not uploaded to the Yogscast Live channel.

Screenshot by Z0eff

Never smooth sailing

Even after three years, we're still making mistakes, but it does make for some amusing screenshots!.

Beware the 2 Z0eff...

We had some technical difficulties, which required Z0eff to have his Alt account logged into the network at all times.

But when he moved that account to a different server, it caused panic among the players...

However, this was usually testing changes we were making to the network!

Meme created by kushpatel3410

The rise of Shempire

By far the largest faction in the early days of the network.

Lead by SoftmintSheep and Frugal, Shempire was a massive city on the most popular server at the time, TS1.

The coloured servers

At the relaunch, we had five survival servers: Red, Yellow, Orange, Purple and Blue.

There was a lot of debate within the community as to which one was best, and every server had it's own assortment of towns.

Screenshot by Slarti

The Fire

The devestating event that destroyed the network, our host OVHCloud had a "large" fire, which consumed the building the network was hosted in.

After this, we launched the Temporary Survival Server, and worked on rebuilding the network, birthing Mistral Network!

We all need a break

Naird tried a new skin for a while, which creeped quite a few players out...

Screenshot by Dutchwar22

Thank you

Thanks for being a part of Mistral Network over the last three years, we have some events in-game and on Discord planned to celebrate our anniversary, and we look forward to the years ahead!

The Mistral Network Team.