Mistral is turning 3! Celebrate our anniversary with us!

The Skies Await

Welcome to Mistral Network, a community where friends new and old can come together to create a unique world, and forge new memories within Minecraft and beyond.

Survival Multiplayer

Join the community, form a group or go it alone, build a city, a dirt hut, or anything you can imagine!

Create a realty business selling and renting properties, sell every variation of enchanted books, or just live the simple life.

The choice is yours! Join our Survival server using the address below!

The Community Update

Taking players' requests, we've built the update you wanted!

From a better claim system, player managed economy, to better world generation thanks to Terralith.

Want to see something new added to Mistral? Let us know in our Discord server.

Join us

Ready to join Mistral Network?

Launch your Minecraft client, and connect to the server address below!

Minecraft Java Edition | 1.19

Note: Mistral Network does not currently support Minecraft Bedrock Edition.